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The voice and bass duo is a big 
challenge for the musicians, 
requiring a high level of 
knowledge, since two intoning
sounds – without harmony 
instrument –from the two edges 
of the musical spectrum should
substitute the whole band. 
Even on world level only a few 
couples tried to record a full CD 
in this setup." 

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Into the groove

Voice & Bass

The second duet CD of Ágnes Lakatos and Tibor Csuhaj Barna (‘Voice and bass’) - titled ‘Into the groove’ - is a real curiosity in the world of Jazz. The voice and bass duo is a big challenge for the musicians, requiring a high level of co-operation, technical knowledge, since two intoning instruments – without harmony instrument – from the two edges of the music spectrum composes the music. Even on world level only a few couples tried to record a full CD in this setup. The CD contains mainly own compositions, and also well-known jazz and rock covers.
At the end of the CD you can find 3 pieces, which is a result of the fusion with the Corridor Bassoon Quartet, which experiment has created a new sounding and in the near future it can lead to recording a whole CD – written for bassoon quartet.
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